Sakshar media Solution is a public relation firm, a complete 360 degree Firm that WORK in Public Relation, Corporate Events, Branding and Design, Publishing and print media. Our aim is create an experience that goes beyond expectations. The purpose of PR is to participate in conversations about your industry and your business, build relationships with relevant stakeholders and ultimately build a supportive community of influencers and interested parties around a company, organization or brand. Sakshar media provides customized strategic event experience where guest connects with our client’s Brands and their product in ways that are personally relevant and memorable.


Team Sakshar is an eclectic crew with an extraordinary poise of perspectives that never fails to deliver vision and inspiration. Our core team has expertise in public relations, corporate communications, advertising, strategic counseling, media training and event management. The young Turks in our squad are a combination of wisdom plus youthful enthusiasm injecting their innovativeness into weighty missions and optimizing every tactic along the way.

Puneet Kumar Kanojia

Founder & Director

Utsav Kanojia

PR & Communication Head

Sunanda Bhargava

Digital Marketing & Public Relations Manager


Public Relation Executive